Educational and Vocational Support

We support children and young people in basic and advanced education programs to create job opportunities for success.

Supporting families

Family support is essencial to help children while they´re studying, we provide their families what they need.

Did you know that in the planet you live, around 821 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition?


Millions of people suffer from hunger and consume contaminated water. Most are orphaned children whose parents were victims of HIV and malaria. They have to work for food and do not go to school.

In certain areas people go up to 3 days without a meal, walk kilometers to get a few liters of non-potable water. There are in regions where it hasn't rained regularly for many years. These basic needs are emerging , we´re coming together to change this reality.

  • Teach children, youth and adults entrepreneurial activities that generate income;
  • Educate the sexual health of young people, reducing reproduction and preventing the transmission of sexual infectious diseases;
  • Defending children's rights;
  • Formation and spiritual education in an Open Regime;
  • Increase the awareness, information and development of children, youth and women in the field of equal opportunities in excess and participation in their communities;

Act directly with our partner project Care Africa

Generously support kids from Uganda

Care Africa is a non-profit organization founded by Magala Grace, Mbaalu Fred, and David Bateganja, along with a group of people who are passionate about improving the futures of vulnerable children, unprivileged youth, and teenage mothers.

Know Care Africa the projetct

Transparency and commitment

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100% Anonymity

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